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Protagen AG installs new management and board of directors

Dortmund (April 14, 2005) – Protagen closed a first financing round with the VC S-VentureCapital Dortmund for the expansion of its protein biochip business. In the course of this capital influx, positions in the management and the board of directors have been reorganized.

Dr. Stefan Muellner has taken over the position of the CSO in the board of Protagen AG. Dr. Muellner brings a lot of experience from positions in R&D management at Henkel and Hoechst. He is responsible at Protagen for Research & Development, production, patents and licencing and quality assurance as well as for the business units Protein Biochips and Pharma Actives. Dr. Christoph Huels keeps the position of the CEO and chairman of the board and is responsible for the business units Analytics and Bio-IT as well as for marketing, sales, business development, administration and human resources.

Dr. Muellner has taken over the position from Prof. Dr. Helmut E. Meyer. Prof. Meyer is leaving the executive board of Protagen and will join the scientific advisory board and the board of directors. He will replace Dr. Achim Riemann, former CEO of Arthur D. Little Germany, who will leave the board. Prof. Meyer is concentrating in the future on his activities in the Medical Proteom Center of the Ruhr-University Bochum and his chair in the world wide human brain proteom initiative of the HUPO and is therefore resigning the active position at Protagen.

About Protagen AG
Protagen AG, Dortmund, founded 1999, is a leading Biotechnology company operating in four business units (BUs): Analytics, Bio-IT, Protein Biochips, and Pharma Actives. The Integrated Proteomics Technology Platform (IPT-Platform) as a broad Proteomics expertise is utilized to offer successfully high-quality fee-for-service in protein analytics (also GMP-conform) and proteome studies in the BU Analytics, as well as software developments for Proteomics to the market. Currently, the BUs Protein Biochips and Pharma Actives are heavily build up. In 2005 Protagen will introduce new products from its BU Protein Biochips under the brandname UNIchips® into the market.