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egoli Biotech & Health News: AEI, EPT, NDL, SBP

(AEI) AERIS TECHNOLOGIES LTD –3.0c to 77.0c; Advises that in conjunction with the University of New South Wales, it has been awarded a $540,000 Australian Research Council ARC Linkage Grant. The grant covers a period of 3 years from July 2005 and will fund research into substantially broadening the Aeris enzyme applications and product portfolio. This new range of enhanced enzymes is to be achieved through chemical modification technology thereby offering Aeris new opportunities across a broad range of novel applications. Aeris will retain full ownership of all intellectual property arising from this research collaboration with the University of New South Wales. The potential commercial outcomes of the research include temperature sensitive applications, significant cost advantages, and the potential to use Aeris formulations in the large potable water and food contact markets. The expansion of the Company’s advanced enzyme technology should significantly strengthen its intellectual property portfolio. Aeris said it intends to invest in resources to take advantage of the resulting extensive commercial opportunities.

(EPT) EPITAN LIMITED +1.5c to 44.0c; Announced that Exorex, a non-steroidal treatment for psoriasis, has been recommended by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) for Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) reimbursement. Exorex is exclusively marketed in Australia by Epitan’s wholly-owned subsidiary EpiPharm. Exorex is the first ready prepared coal tar treatment to be recommended for PBS reimbursement ensuring that Exorex can now be prescribed at a lower cost to the public. The incidence of psoriasis in Australia is between 4-8% of the total population. Epitan also announced today that it has acquired the Australian sales and marketing rights for ZORAC (tazarotene) cream and gel from Allergan, Inc. ZORAC cream and gel are used for the topical treatment of acne and psoriasis and are the latest products in the drug class called topical retinoids.

(NDL) NEURODISCOVERY LIMITED –0.5c to 19.5c; Announced it has entered into an agreement with Epichem Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of PharmAust Limited (PAA) to assist with the development of one of NeuroSolutions’ lead pain drug candidates, NSL-036. Using in-house specialist technologies, NeuroSolutions identified the potential utility of NSL-036 for the treatment of pain, they said. In addition to progressing the development of NSL-036, NeuroSolutions and Epichem plan to utilise the injectable version of NSL-036 as a template to build compounds suitable for oral dose forms for the treatment neuropathic pain. Following identification of these potential oral drug candidates NeuroSolutions will apply its own technology to establish an effective screening cascade for the validation of these compounds, which then may progress through pre-clinical and subsequently clinical development.

(SBP) SOLBEC PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED unch at 8.6c; Announced that its manufacturing facility has been granted a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) licence by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). In order to qualify for the licence, Solbec was required to meet the TGA’s stringent criteria for manufacturing and quality control at its Osborne Park, Western Australia facility, they said. The licence represents formal accreditation of Solbec’s manufacturing and quality control systems and procedures; and ensures the Company is not reliant on outsourcing to similarly certified third party facilities for production of Coramsine, they explained. The components of the licence are such that Solbec’s Osborne Park facility is now GMP certified for both the manufacture of Coramsine’s precursor compound; and for the laboratory testing and release of the finished Drug Products for use in clinical trials.

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