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GTCbio’s 3rd Imaging in Pre-clinical & Clinical Drug Development Conference. March 17-18, 2008 – San Diego, CA

The obstacles to successful drug discovery and development are numerous and well appreciated. In discovery, from target identification through lead optimization and validation, and in development, from first-in-man studies through large registration trials, inefficiencies and uncertainties complicate even well-funded efforts by sophisticated and industrious scientists and clinicians. Despite huge outlays by the worldwide pharmaceutical research enterprise, the number of new chemical entities brought to market has actually declined in recent years, even as the cost of developing them has increased significantly.

Against this backdrop, biomedical imaging is poised to play an increasingly powerful role in enhancing the efficiency of the drug discovery and development process. Multiple modalities, including optical imaging, ultrasound, nuclear imaging (both positron and single photon tomography), x-ray computed tomography, and the many flavors of magnetic resonance imaging are all being integrated ever more fundamentally in the various phases of drug discovery and development. In CNS, oncology, rheumatology/inflammation, and many other clinical settings, imaging is proving invaluable.

The 3rd Imaging in Pre-clinical & Clinical Drug Development Conference will be held March 17-18, 2008, in San Diego, CA. This conference will survey a wide range of topics in the field, from the latest advances in the modalities themselves to their application to cutting-edge preclinical and clinical problems. Presentations will be made from numerous distinguished contributors to the field’s advancement on both scientific topics and subjects of interest to the regulatory, data management and investment communities.

Topics include:

– Novel Imaging Methods & Technology
+ Novel Imaging Tools for Inflammation and Arthritis Drug Development
+ Dynamic Contrast MRI
+ Optical Imaging

– Imaging in Drug Development and Therapy
+ Molecular Imaging Approaches to In Vivo Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Studies: A Pharmaceutical Prospective
+ PET for In-Vivo Distribution and Pharmacokinetics, Including Novel Dosage Forms
+ Translational Nuclear Molecular Imaging in Drug Development
+ Using MRI to Monitor Cellular Therapy

– Imaging Applications in CNS, Oncology, and the Cardiovascular System
+ Novel Imaging Applications in CNS Drug Development
+ PET Imaging for Efficacy of Anticancer Drugs
+ Non-invasive Imaging of Atherosclerosis: MRI versus CT
+ Atheroma: Developments in Imaging Surrogates of Risk with MRI

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Marc Berridge, President, 3-D Imaging
Janet Eary, Director, Nuclear Medicine Program, University of Washington Medical Center
Joseph Frank, Chief, Laboratory of Diagnostic Radiology Research, NIH
Jonathan Gillard, Department of Radiology, University of Cambridge
Hisataka Kobayashi, Chief Scientist, Molecular Imaging Program, NCI
Richard Margolin, Vice President & Global Head, CNS, i3 Research [Chair]
Raymond Nunnally, Vice President, InvivoMetrics
Michael Paulus, VP, Product Management, Siemens Preclinical Solutions
Roderic Pettigrew, Director, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, NIH
Paul Picot, Chief Scientist, Pre-clinical Imaging, GE Healthcare
Simon Robinson, Bristol Myers-Squibb
Stefan Ruehm, Director, Diagnostic Cardiovascular Imaging, CT, UCLA
Susanta Sarkar, Molecular Imaging Center of Excellence, GlaxoSmithKline
Werner Scheuer, Research Leader, Preclinical Imaging, Roche Diagnostics GmbH
Jan Schnitzer, Sci. Dir., Prof., Cellular & Molecular Bio, Kimmel Cancer Center
David Shalinsky, Associate Director, Translational Medicine, Pfizer
Mark Tengowski, Director, Clinical Affairs, VirtualScopics Inc.
David Vera, Professor, Radiology, UCSD
Jingsong Wang, Director, Bristol Myers-Squibb
Yumin Zhang, Research Investigator, Abbott Laboratories