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Zedira receives further funding to develop Factor XIIIa – blockers for safe anticoagulation

Zedira has received further funding from the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (German abbreviation: BMBF). The project volume has been extended by € 1.0 Mio. so that the total project value exceeds € 5.0 Mio. by now. The additional funding will allow completing the development of a drug candidate for „safe“ anticoagulation.

Zedira targets coagulation factor XIIIa (F13, plasma transglutaminase) using direct acting peptidomimetic inhibitors including proof – of – concept studies in relevant animal models. Further, Zedira continues the successful cooperation in the field of structural biology with the group of Prof. Gerhard Klebe, Marburg University.

Dr. Martin Hils, managing partner, comments: „ We are more than happy to receive funding for this cutting – edge project within this highly competitive program. The grant is a special ho nor underlining our successful drug discovery approach over the past decade.

Dr. Ralf Pasternack, managing partner, adds: „After licensing our lead project in the field of celiac disease to Dr. Falk Pharma, the FXIII – project further strengthens our leadin g international position in the transglutaminase field. We are confident that our approach, due to the unique mode – of – action, will p rovide a safer therapeutic opportunity in anticoagulation for patients, doctors and payers. _________________________________________________________________

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