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Biomarker Summit Europe 2015 on October 5-8, 2015 in Berlin, Germany

The summit will address the latest developments in the biomarker arena from discovery to translation to commercialization. Presentations span across multiple disciplines and cover topics such as discovery and validation strategies, the challenges of clinical translation, novel technologies including next-generation sequencing, regulatory and reimbursement issues and companion diagnostics. Scientific data, case studies and discussions will be facilitated by key representatives from pharma, biotech, academia and the public sector.

Biomarker Summit Europe 2015 consists of two back-to-back conferences:

Conference 1:  9th Biomarkers in Drug Discovery & Development

I. Biomarker Discovery & Identification Strategies
II. Applications of Imaging Biomarkers
III. Safety, Efficacy, and PK/PD Biomarkers in Drug Development
IV. Companion Diagnostics Development & Partnering
V. Biomarkers & Surrogate Endpoints for Clinical Trials
VI. Overcoming Challenges of Clinical Validation & Translation
VII. Big Data Analytics for Biomarkers Development

Conference 2:  4th Biomarkers in Diagnostics

I. Novel Diagnostic Technologies
II. New Diagnostic Biomarkers & Their Development
III. Clinical Utility of Diagnostic Biomarkers
IV. Next Generation Sequencing in the Clinic
V. National Initiatives to Support Biomarker Development
VI. Regulatory Landscape for Diagnostics
VII. Health Economics Value of Biomarkers & Reimbursement Environment

The Biomarker Summit Europe 2015 is also part of our even larger Drug Discovery Week Europe 2015 and coincides with the Technologies in Drug Discovery Summit 2015